Cast of Characters: Patrick Nolan

Patrick Nolan was a drunk. Of this fact, there seems to be very little disagreement. He’s been described that way by his sister and brother-in-law, and anyone who knew him has said the same thing. He drank a lot before he met Marcia and he was a heavy drinker during their brief marriage.

But, was Pat a killer?

Pat Nolan (front) and friends around 1950
Pat and friends – about 1980

According to his friends, Pat Nolan was a funny, outgoing party animal. He never met a stranger and would strike up conversations with anyone. Pat finally filed for divorce from Marcia in 1959, and eventually remarried and had children in his second marriage. So, did this gregarious family man kill his first wife?

Immediately following Marcia’s disappearance, it was natural for speculation to fall on her husband as a suspect in the case. Truth be told, he seemed to have had the opportunity to have killed Marcia. They both left the party together and only one returned. He has no known alibi for the time that she disappeared.

So, Pat had the opportunity to kill Marcia, but what about the motive? That is a little unclear at this point. There was no apparent motive. Sure, there could be something that drove him to kill his wife. Maybe he found out she was unfaithful, or that she had been hiding money from him. These are certainly things that could provide a motive, but we do not have any evidence of them at this point in the investigation.

It is important to acknowledge that Marcia may not have been killed at all. We don’t know what happened to her. But, I think it makes logical sense that if Pat were responsible for her disappearance, it means she was killed by him or someone he knew. If she survived the disappearance, it’s likely that he was not behind it. The only caveat to that is that if she somehow convinced him to keep quiet about her running away.

As the husband of the missing person, Pat Nolan was under suspicion. But there is no evidence that he was ever charged with anything related to the disappearance.

Is he in the clear?

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